Travelers shall be allowed the following amounts for meals while on official business:

  • Breakfast - $6 (When travel begins before 6:00 am and extends beyond 8:00 am)
  • Lunch - $11 (When travel begins before 12:00 pm and extends beyond 2:00 pm)
  • Dinner - $19 (When travel begins before 6:00 pm and extends beyond 8:00 pm)

Travel must be overnight and more than 50 miles away from the traveler’s headquarters to claim meals. A traveler may not claim a meal allowance if the meal was included in the conference registration fee paid by the University or third party. This applies even if the traveler does not eat the meal. Continental Breakfasts and Banquets are considered meals at a conference whereas a Reception is not considered a meal. The conference agenda(s) must be included in the Expense Report for meal reimbursement determination.

Concur uses itineraries to determine meal allowances. See the Concur User Guide for detailed instructions on how and when this should be used. Foreign meal rates are automatically calculated based on itinerary. Information on identifying foreign travel can be found here.

Guest travelers are unable to create itineraries in Concur, so meals will be calculated and entered with the expense type “Guest Daily Meal Allowance”.

Meals are not allowed to be paid with the University's Travel Card.