Ground Transportation

Car Rental

The State of Florida has contracted with Enterprise Holding, Inc., the parent company of Enterprise Rent-A-Car and National Car Rental, to provide vehicle rental services effective September 30, 2015.

Travelers should use the State of Florida Enterprise/ National contract, when reserving vehicles. If there is a justifiable business reason to rent a vehicle from another vendor, the traveler should purchase collision and comprehensive coverage insurance from the vendor. They should not purchase liability coverage as the University is self-insured.

The University advises pick up outside of airport locations where possible, to prevent additional convenience fees and surcharges.

The University will only reimburse for the rental of compact size vehicles unless justification is provided detailing the necessity for a larger vehicle.  An upgrade to a larger vehicle based on individual size or stature is the responsibility of the traveler unless required for ADA purposes. Please ensure the Office of Human Resources has your request for Reasonable Accommodation on file before traveling. Rental of GPS units are reimbursable when necessary for conducting official University business.

The University’s Travel Card is the preferred method of payment. 



Contract Number XZ55622 (Effective 9/30/2015 – 9/29/2020)

Emerald Club Membership allows for faster and easier rental


Enterprise/National Contacts

1-877-690-0064 (Reservations)

1-800-307-6666 (Enterprise Emergency Roadside Assistance)

1-800-367-6767 (National Emergency Roadside Assistance)


Personal Vehicles

A traveler shall be reimbursed 44.5 cents per mile, for justified use of their personal vehicle. Map Mileage and Vicinity Mileage have been replaced with Mileage and Documented Miles. The Mileage expense type incorporates Google maps to calculate the traveler’s mileage. The FDOT mileage table is no longer used. Documented Miles is for travelers who make many short, logged trips, or perform other work where a point-to-point accounting of their mileage would not reflect their entitled reimbursement. A mileage log must be attached.


Taxi or Rideshare Services and Car Service/Limousine

Taxi or Rideshare Services and Car Service/Limousine, plus reasonable tips (up to 15%) are reimbursable. Fares $25 and under do not require *receipts.


Parking Fees

Necessary and reasonable parking fees are reimbursable. Mandatory valet parking and reasonable tips (up to $1 per occasion) are reimbursable. Parking fees $25 and under do not require *receipts.



Necessary and reasonable tolls are reimbursable. To obtain toll receipts, visit Tolls $25 and under do not require *receipts.


*Note: All T-Card charges require a receipt.