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Controller's Office

General Information

Travelers are required to minimize the amount of travel expenses paid or reimbursed by ensuring travel arrangements are the most cost-effective considering all relevant circumstances.  To reduce costs, travelers should consider the use of teleconferencing and other forms of electronic communication whenever possible.

Travel must be overnight and more than 50 miles away from the traveler’s headquarters to claim reimbursement.  Travelers are allowed up to 1 day on domestic travel and 2 days on foreign travel to reach their destination.  Lodging expenses are reimbursed based on actual costs and meals are reimbursed based on applicable rates.  A daily per diem rate of $80 per day ($20 per quarter) in lieu of lodging and meal expenses may be reimbursed.

Travelers are entitled to claim the greater of per diem or the actual daily amounts permitted for meals and lodging.  Departments may not adopt reimbursement rates less than those established by federal or state law; however, a traveler may choose to waive the full reimbursement amount in favor of a lesser amount.  This decision must be documented on the Less than Entitled to Form by the department before the trip occurs.  Certain sponsored projects may contain provisions that further limit the amount and type of reimbursable travel expenditures. Travelers should ensure travel arrangements are in accordance with the sponsored project’s agreement before the trip begins.

(Please refer to the University Travel Policies, and Travel Card Resources for more details)