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Air Travel

Air travel is recommended when the cost of an employee’s time is an important factor or when travel time by other methods would increase the cost to the University.  Travelers are to choose the most practical and economical mode of transportation, and are to generally travel the most direct route. Consideration should be given to the total cost to the University, time of the traveler, and the impact on the productivity of the traveler.

Using Concur and our contracted services through World Travel Service, Inc. - Travel Agency, FSU employees can book airfare directly through the travel module of Concur. Transactions, receipts, and itineraries will be synced with the user's profile to allow for ease of access to information before, during, and after travel. Users must verify their FSU email address in their Concur profile. *Benefits include 24/7 support for reservations or ticket changes, assistance booking large or group travel, and with unexpected travel difficulties or delays.  

*World Travel Service - Pricing Model - Note: Service fees and additional charges may apply


Fly America Act (49 U.S.C. 40118)

The Fly America Act requires that all federally funded travel use a U.S. flag carrier or U.S. flag carrier service provided under a code-share agreement, except under specific situations. The U.S. has entered into several air transport agreements that allow federal funded transportation services for travel to use foreign air carriers under certain circumstances. These “Open Skies Agreements” can be viewed on the U.S. General Services Administration’s website.


Commercial Transportation

The University reimburses nonrefundable commercial tickets for economy/coach accommodations. Upgraded seats are the responsibility of the traveler, unless required for ADA purposes. Please ensure the Office of Human Resources has your request for Reasonable Accommodation on file before traveling.

The University's Travel Card is the preferred method of payment.


Tallahassee Regional Airport


Charter Transportation

A charter aircraft is available, allowing designated university employees the ability to maximize their time. The use must be cost-justifiable and in the best interest of the University. Travel to the same destination should be coordinated with other University employees, when possible. A Contract Air Carrier Use Worksheet is to be completed prior to flight arrangements. When reserving a flight, please let the sales consultant know you are an FSU employee.


Procurement Services -

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(Please refer to the University Travel Policies, and Travel Card Resources for more details)