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Supplier Portal

First-Time users must register as “Existing Supplier” and be an existing Supplier to FSU. 
Please have your FSU-issued Supplier (Vendor) ID number ready.
Multiple users per vendor CAN sign up – just use a different email address.



Payment Options

In an effort to become more efficient, electronic methods of payment are recommended.  The following options are available.  As a reminder, Payment Terms are Net 40 unless otherwise stated by University PO.



The Florida State University recognizes the importance of providing our suppliers and vendors with a convenient, efficient and secure method of payment. For these reasons, we are proud to introduce ePayables, a method by which vendor invoices can be paid using credit cards.  ePayables is essentially payment by a virtual credit card. 

For more information, please contact the FSU Accounts Payable vendor team at 850-644-5021.


Direct Deposit

Receive EFT directly to your bank account.  This form requires the appropriate bank account and routing number, as well as the Supplier's Employer Identification Number (EIN).

Direct Deposit form


Credit Card [University PCard]

P-Cards function identically to credit cards.  These PCards are held by university staff members and are subject to Procurement guidelines.  See Procurement's website for more information about this payment method.



If our electronic payment options do not meet your needs, you may request a paper check be printed.  Please contact Carla Daniels at 850-644-1851 for more information.




Invoice Information

Invoices must include:

  • University Purchase Order (PO) Number
  • Correct remit address
  • Descriptions of goods/services provided (with amount)
  • Total invoice amount

Email & Mailing Address

Invoices can be sent via mail or e-mail:

Florida State University
Accounts Payable
UCA-5607 University Center
Tallahassee, FL 32306-2391


Electronic Invoicing (eSettlements)

FSU utilizes CXML format to receive and process electronic invoices within the Peoplesoft environment.  For more information please email






Invoices are routed to processors based on the first letter of the Supplier/Vendor’s first name.  If a vendor's name begins with a numeral, then that invoice will be routed based on the written roman letter of that number. 

For example, a vendor name that began with the numeral "1" would be treated as if it began with an "O" (for "one").


Taylor Dornbush | Ph: 850-644-9418 | Email:

B, D, I, L, O, Q, V, W, X, Z (except Office Depot and VWR)


Phyllis Hurst | Ph: 850-644-9416 | Email:

A, C, E, K


Wren Kerce | Ph: 850-644-2332 | Email:

F, H, J, N, P, R, U, Y (exept HD supply)


Angela Page | Ph: 850-644-9415 | Email:

G, M, S, T


Joy Tilley | Ph:  850-644-9785 | Email:
Electronic invoicing vendors (Office Depot, HD Supply, VWR)


Kristina Roumelis  |  Ph: 850-645-718|  Email: